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Your Divine Assignment in This Lifetime

The Weekly Seeker #16

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You’re a brave Soul who has embarked on the process of awakening.

(I know this because you’re here, reading this right now.)

Sometimes we choose consciously to step onto this path, and sometimes it feels like the path has been chosen for us.

Your awakening might have been prompted by an upheaval in some or multiple areas of your life, as you realize what’s working and what’s not working for you.

Perhaps you’re coming to terms with some courageous (or different) choices you need to make.

The awakening process is an ongoing journey.

It’s not like we’re asleep one day and then fully awake the next. This means you can intentionally use your whole lifetime to continue your ever-evolving awakening.

I believe this is why you’re here, at your deepest level – to wake up, to heal yourself, to remember your light and your power, to evolve as a human and as a spiritual being.

You’re here to shed any layers of conditioning, programming, or unhelpful patterns and beliefs that don’t reflect the Highest Truth of who you are.

Although waking up spiritually can sometimes happen spontaneously, staying on the path of awakening is a whole other story.

Staying awake and becoming gradually more awake requires your daily commitment, presence, self-awareness, and bravery.

Staying on the path of awakening is not for the faint of heart. You must be willing to:

  • show up for yourself over and over
  • prioritize your spiritual and self-care practices
  • be truthful and authentic with everyone you meet – including yourself
  • be willing to own your stuff (unhealthy patterns, attachments, dysfunctional behaviors, limiting beliefs/thoughts, ego agendas to control or manipulate others, any tendency to lie to yourself or others, just to name a few!)

No wonder most people choose to stay asleep.

No wonder we sometimes try to go back to sleep, often through addictive or unhealthy behaviors and habits. (My go-to “numbing agent” used to be sugar… for example.)

But, of course, once you awaken – once you’ve “seen beyond the veil” and recognized the true nature of the Universe – there’s no going back.

You can’t go back to sleep now. You can’t go back to unconsciousness.

Well, you can try – but it doesn’t really work. You’re too aware, now, of the costs of unconsciousness… the costs of trying to go back to sleep… the costs of not living life fully present and aware.

Many of us have experienced these painful costs before. The costs of not speaking up, hiding our truth, trying to please everyone, keeping our gifts and spiritual nature “in the closet.”

What if part of your purpose here is to be a living example of the courage, persistence, and self-awareness it takes to keep walking the path of awakening? To live a life of integrity and alignment with your Inner Being?

We need your example of this. People around you and in your life need your example of this. Humans as a whole need your example, and for you to lead the way with your light.

Are you willing to take on this Divine assignment?

With love, your friend,

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