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Your integrity and depth can transform the world

The Weekly Seeker #18

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You’re here to be a changemaker.

An agent of change.

(You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise.)

As a healer, coach, or spiritual practitioner, you’re here to powerfully assist in the evolution of humanity and human consciousness.

This is a sacred and important purpose.

This is the mission you’re here to fulfill — and, believe me, no one else can do your part or take your role in this.

You have Soul-level gifts, talents, skills, and wisdom that are irreplaceable. I know you know this, even if you sometimes doubt it. (We all doubt it sometimes. Just part of being human.)

I know you feel your Soul calling you to expand, to keep healing, to keep mastering your gifts…

… because the work you’re here to do depends on it.

The work you’re here to do has the power to change the world. (That’s a bold claim, but I’m willing to make it because I believe in it and believe in YOU so much.)

You’re here to evolve to your highest level, so you can then assist others in their own healing and awakening.

As a highly conscious, highly awake, highly empathic and sensitive healer — however you’re doing your healing work right now — I know you deeply care about the people you serve.

It’s your gift of empathy that enables you to lead people into profound places, where lasting and genuine transformation can take place.

Your gift of empathy can also sometimes lead you — unconsciously — to overgive, overdo, overdeliver, and take too much responsibility for your clients, their lives, their problems, and their healing.

So it’s part of your task, in this lifetime, to harness your empathy and sensitivity in the most powerful ways… without taking on feelings, problems, patterns, wounds, or energy that don’t belong to you. And that are not yours to carry.

This is part of the ongoing work we must do as healers.

The inner work of examining how we’re using our gifts, what those gifts really are, how we’re meant to evolve our gifts and our application of them.

The inner work of examining our own patterns, triggers, and hang-ups… so they don’t get in the way of the meaningful, transformative experiences we’re meant to co-create with our clients.

The inner work of dancing with our own shadows, learning how to be with them, transmute them, heal them… so they don’t trigger us into overgiving, overdoing, and over-caring (all of which result in burnout, eventually).

Being mindful of your own “stuff” is an essential part of evolving to your next level of healing, both personally and professionally.

You’re here to change the world, and to do it with the highest standards of integrity, depth, conscious leadership, and self-awareness.

In fact, your integrity and depth are the qualities in you that can most transform the world and enable you to do your sacred service here.

So keep walking the walk as we usher in a new era of evolution — for each of us individually, for the people we serve, and for the collective.

With love,


To continue mastering your gifts, consider my Akashic Records Certification Program for practitioners. We do the deepest work together, both to heal yourself and to activate your healing gifts so you can do your highest-level work with your clients.

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