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Your sacred work and higher calling

The Weekly Seeker #13

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Here’s a bold question:

What if you made 2024 the year to completely claim your inner power?

To claim your inner magic and the set of gifts that were divinely planted in you, at the level of your Soul, before you incarnated into the physical body you’re in right now?

I know sometimes it has been tempting to give that power away… to forget about it… to hide from it… to pretend you don’t have it.

To allow others (or your own ego self!) to convince you you don’t have it.

But you are powerful beyond measure.

Your Soul decided, intentionally, to incarnate into this body, into this lifetime, into this particular moment in history for you to do sacred work and be of service to other humans in ways that only YOU can embody.

You have a unique and important role to play here – and you already know that, but might sometimes forget it.

That’s ok – we all forget, sometimes. We go into doubt, or fear, or unconsciousness.

The point is to keep returning to the truth over and over… the Higher Truth that you’re not here to play small, you’re not here to do some menial job, you’re not here to play a backstage role and keep your light hidden.

You’re not here to keep your gifts hidden.

An essential part of your sacred purpose is to fully awaken, activate, and bring forth your gifts for the betterment and healing of humanity… so we can all create, together, the world we want to see. The kinder, more loving, more conscious, less frantic world we want to see and experience.

This is why it’s so important for us healers to keep healing ourselves, to keep doing the work, to keep learning.

We must harness the wisdom and power in remaining curious, in continuing to learn and expand.

You carry within you gifts and power that are very much needed by us, your fellow humans, in this lifetime.

Perhaps your gifts have to do with helping other humans resolve unprocessed trauma or learn how to be with their emotions without judgment.

Perhaps your gifts are about helping others discover their gifts, or shift limiting subconscious beliefs, or heal the physical body, or come to terms with childhood wounds.

Maybe you’re here to teach others how to manifest huge amounts of abundance easily and joyfully… without guilt.

2024 is the year to tap FULLY into your gifts. You can begin by asking these questions:

  • Are there even more profound, powerful, and meaningful layers (untapped layers) to your unique gifts in this lifetime?
  • How are you truly meant to use your gifts to benefit the people in your life, your clients, and yourself?
  • What else can you bring into your toolkit, to make your work in the world even more transformative and impactful?

You’re not here to play small.

You’re here to help other humans liberate themselves from the tyranny of the ego mind, of outdated stories, of dysfunctional beliefs, of past wounds… whatever it is that has been weighing them down.

You’re here to help others break free of their shackles and step into the light within themselves… as you show the way by doing that for yourself, too.

So here’s to making 2024 a year of meaning, authenticity, and HIGHER CALLING.

With love, cheering you on,


If you’re interested in harnessing your gifts fully, stepping into your sacred service and work in this lifetime, healing yourself and assisting other humans on their evolutionary journey — I invite you to explore my Akashic Records Practitioner Certification Program.

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