TRIGGERED! When you put yourself out there and someone criticizes you


Becoming less reactive is an important goal on your path of healing and spiritual awakening. To respond to situations from a place of wisdom, higher truth, and confidence – instead of responding out of fear, worry, anger, or any kind of knee-jerk reaction.

This goal of becoming less reactive – and therefore becoming more centered and grounded in the present moment – is what inspired this new experimental series of mini-episodes, which I’m calling TRIGGERED! (with an exclamation point because when you get triggered, it can be pretty intense). Through these episodes, I also want to bring some levity and lightness to the process of spiritual development, which can sometimes really challenge us.

In this first mini-episode, we’ll be working with what happens (and what to do) when you put yourself out there and someone criticizes you. This topic was inspired by one of my own triggers, so this episode includes a personal anecdote. I then shift to the bigger picture and some specific takeaways as you strive to put yourself out there as well.

I’d love for this series to be a dialogue between you and me, so please send me your triggers (as you become aware of them) via email: [email protected]

Thank you for being here and supporting the podcast!

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