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Inner Work 093: The Practice of Shifting to a Higher Truth


As spiritual beings in human bodies, we can sometimes get caught up in the illusion of 3D reality. Bills must be paid, kids must be driven to school (or educated at home during a pandemic!), cars must be repaired, and dinner must be cooked. We also have to interact with others and navigate a chaotic world. In this process, we can get lost in material reality and forget to stay connected to a Higher Perspective.

In this episode, I talk about how you can disengage from the illusions of 3D reality and reach for the higher truth of any situation or experience. This requires you to reconnect to Divine Source over and over again. Finding the higher truth means becoming more aware of what your Soul would say about any situation or challenge you’re facing. As you do this, you expand your perspective and shift to a more hopeful, joyful, supported, and empowered state.


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